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R3 Development is a non-profit community development organization. Our mission is to empower the youth of East St. Louis with job opportunities that equip them with the resources and skills necessary for success.  We specialize in creating programs and ecosystems that improve economic futures for the youth of East St. Louis. We do this through social enterprise efforts that include rehabbing homes in the East St. Louis area. Through partnership as well as donations from private individuals and organizations, we are able to recruit, train, and employ East St. Louis youth while providing leadership development programs. Our programs use best practices that are evidence-based.


Our vision is to see entire generations in East St. Louis empowered to grasp their worth and transform their communities. What would it be like for East St. Louis to be restored to the “City of Champions” that it once was known as. What would it be like if this beautiful city and its amazing residents were seen as just that, as opposed to a reputation of dilapidation and violence? Our vision is to change the narrative of the entire city, one life at a time.




We believe in East St. Louis youth! 

Therefore, we create meaningful employment experiences for youth in the city. Meaningful employment is more than just a paying job with significant tasks. It's also about creating experiences that allow youth to explore their strengths and talents while learning how they fit into the world. We believe this happens really well when we empower young people to share their personal stories and goals with others.


We rehab dilapidated properties in the area so local residents can work side by side to revitalize their community. R3 properties are for rent or sale, but most importantly, they are for individuals and families who need quality living spaces. Volunteers and tenants alike are encouraged and empowered throughout the housing development process to invest in the community. 


Helping people enter the workforce successfully is R3's heart. We believe that everybody can creatively contribute their unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to the world, whether on the assembly line or corner office. Our classes and mentorship are designed to equip trainees with confidence and skills that will help them navigate the world of work and its complexities. R3 also provides temporary job experiences. In other words, we just don't teach, we hire. And as we build partnerships with local businesses, we will help place people with other employers, too. 

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